G2 Digital Asset Management: Image Relay is G2's Highest-Rated Digital Asset Management Platform

We're excited to announce that Image Relay is the highest-rated Digital Asset Management Platform as you can see here: G2 Digital Asset Management. G2 is the world's top software review site with...

Dan Devoe

Getting Started with Digital Asset Management (DAM): Metadata Part 2

This is the second part in a two-part series on an overview of DAM Metadata. This post covers managing Metadata for your Digital Assets and specifically how to operationalize metadata in your DAM and...

Sophy Bishop

Getting Started with Digital Asset Management (DAM): Metadata Part 1

This is Part 1 of a two-part series on Metadata and how it relates to Digital Asset Management. This post covers the basics of metadata, including history, definitions, and how metadata gets created....

Sophy Bishop

Getting Started with Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software: Understanding Your Team Needs

There are many people who will interact with your assets during their life cycle: designers, marketing directors, photographers, content strategists, developers, and more. User mapping is a critical...

James Fox

Online Files Sharing - Building the Best DAM Solution

Online file sharing has grown in complexity over the years…. Businesses and organizations now require many different ways in which they can distribute and provide access to their branded content and...

Matt Piwowarski

Getting Started with a Digital Asset Management (DAM) Platform: Best Practices for File Types

As a digital asset management platform, Image Relay can store many types of files including images, videos, documents, and working files. Within those categories, there are many file type options and...

Sophy Bishop

How to Manage a Rebrand: Staying Focused, Keeping Organized

The rebrand is an activity that will elicit all sorts of emotions in the heart of a CMO. There may be excitement and optimism about the prospects for change and growth. There may be fear and anxiety...

Dan Devoe

Why Online Photo Storage Software is Not the Same as Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software

When comparing online photo storage software with digital asset management (DAM) platforms, the old, familiar saying about apples and oranges comes quickly to mind.

Wesley Davis

5 Reasons Why the CMO Needs Digital Asset Management for Marketing Digital Transformation

This post is about perhaps the buzziest of buzzwords for marketing and the CMO. Digital Transformation. It’s a real beast to deal with because it combines two buzzwords in one. “Digital” has been...

Dan Devoe

Getting Started with Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software: Mapping Your Organization’s Content

Having your digital files scattered all over the place can create some big problems. You can lose control of your brand. With different people using different elements and old images out in the...

Sophy Bishop

Case Study: Dietz & Watson Uses Image Relay to Provide a Consistent Brand Experience

  The Challenge: No consistent access to up-to-date brand images Expired images out in the market Slow creative workflows Time wasted on non-skilled tasks High risk of losing important assets

Dan Devoe

Champlain College Relies on Image Relay for Community-Wide Access to Marketing and Editorial Photography as well as Identity and Brand Assets

The Challenge Central repository for all creative assets accessible by the entire College community, including student workers Robust search options to quickly find the right material A secure DAM...

Dan Devoe

Case Study: How Cosmetics Brand jane iredale Shares Content to Partners in More Than 45 Countries

The Challenge Centralize assets for access by a worldwide partner team Eliminate fulfillment requests Maintain a consistent brand image at every touchpoint The Solution An easy-to-use asset...

Dan Devoe