The True Cost of Employee Turnover - 4 Things to Know

Here’s something you probably know - finding the right talent for your company or organization is critical to its success. And something else you probably know - finding the right person to replace...

Dan Devoe

What is Digital Asset Management? What does it all mean?

Like many areas, especially rapidly evolving technological areas, nailing down an accepted definition is hard. When trying to understand the core aspects and lay out appropriate contours, there is...

Dan Devoe

New Features to Help Your Team

Think back to how your business operated fifteen years ago. In many ways it truly was a simpler time. There were fewer tools, fewer channels, just fewer things to worry about. Digital asset...

Dan Devoe

How to Use Image Relay Collections

As part of some major updates to the Image Relay platform, one area that we think deserves special attention is our new Collections features. We could tell you all about it first but let’s get into...

Dan Devoe

Who relies on Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

Which departments and roles need Digital Asset Management? The short answer is, “all of them”. All organizations can benefit from enhanced information governance. Any multi-location entity,...

James Fox

Sharing Opportunities

Sharing files has grown in complexity over the years…. Businesses and organizations now require many different ways in which they can distribute and provide access to their brand content. Sharing is...

Matt Piwowarski

Versioning in Asset Management

Do you need versioning in your asset library? In what instances might it be useful? Does versioning result in a trail of helpful breadcrumbs, or a pile of stale bread?

James Fox

Great Migrations: Moving to a new DAM

You can no longer manage your current wormhole of connected drives, or bank of servers in the basement. Further, no one can get access to images from outside the office. It is time to clean up,...

Marianna Whitson

Horror in the Absence of DAM

During the process of discussing a new client’s digital asset management needs there is inevitably a parallel discussion of the systems (or non-systems!) they currently have in place. The following...

James Fox

Metadata In Digital Asset Management Demystified

What is metadata? The word may sound unfamiliar or scary to some, but to librarians it is catnip. It is information about your information. The keywords you add, and the embedded information about...

James Fox

Organizing Folders In Your Media Library

Untitled folder. Sitting there, staring at you. Waiting for you to start, to build a library. Where to begin?

James Fox

File Naming Convention | Beyond Who, What, Where, When, Why

Why would you want to start a file naming convention? Creating a nomenclature for your assets can allow users to quickly see basic information about the file’s contents at a glance. And, when sending...

James Fox

Digital Asset Management | It's About Time

There are many inherent values in deploying a digital asset management (DAM) system; security, organization, syncing distributed teams, omni-channel distribution of brand assets, centralization of...

James Fox