Best Marketing Project Management Software for Marketing Teams in 2021

March 17, 2021

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marketing project management software 2021
Dan Devoe
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Dan Devoe

Successful marketing project managers must juggle limited resources, changing schedules, creative people, and clients. It's complicated, stressful, and can often feel overwhelming.

Having the best marketing project management software simplifies the complexity, enabling you to optimize your areas of responsibility, move faster to produce more, and minimize costly errors.

We surveyed the wide variety of marketing project management tools on the market today to bring you clarity and help you make the best choice based on your needs. In this short article, you will discover:

Who needs marketing project management software
What project management software does
The 12 best project management solutions for marketing teams


Who needs marketing project management software?

Research by KPMG discovered that an astounding 70% of organizations experienced one or more project failures in the 12 months prior to the survey. 50% of respondents said projects consistently fail to meet goals.

Even more astonishing, only 58% of organizations understand the actual value of a marketing project plan, which is vital for the success of all types of marketing teams, including:

• Creative agencies
• Brand managers
• In-house marketing teams
• Studios
• Freelancers

What project management software does

The best marketing management software enables you to plan, implement, and access all project information in one convenient place. It also enables you to integrate with the tools your team is already using.

The most important functions include having:
• A team calendar to plan, schedule, prioritize, and assign tasks
• The ability to customize and track essential project KPIs on a central dashboard
• Budget reports to keep track of costs
• File sharing that gives everyone quick access to the most current content

Also important is resource management, which enables you to assign resources to tasks properly, ensuring that everyone has what they need to do their job when they need it.

73% of the KPMG survey respondents stated that reliability, ease-of-use, and ease of integration are their top three requirements for project management software. Another top requirement is quality chat and support functions to get your team to actually use the software.

The 12 best marketing project management software solutions



What makes it stand out: Connectivity to all the other apps your team uses. ClickUp has native integrations with G Suite, Dropbox, and Slack, plus many more common tools. Zapier enables integrations for thousands more. Clickup is also known for constant product improvements. They release new features every week!

G2 Rating — 4.7 out of 5

"The UI and UX are brilliant. They've built shortcut keys into their design for everything, like they thought it all through ground-up from a power user's perspective." Derek M, Small Business Owner

Price — Free Forever or five dollars per month per user to get all functionality.


What makes it stand out: Teamwork has some very easy to use functionality and makes visibility into overlapping tasks easy to see and create efficiencies from. Some of the functionality isn’t intuitive which can slow down the launch of new projects or customized reporting.

G2 Rating — 4.3 out of 5

Won PC Magazine editor's choice award.

"Teamwork helps us to have a centralized process and also to control our steps and responsibilities in order to ensure consistency with the company's immediate and long-term targets." Barret L., Senior Project Manager

Price — Four pricing levels starting with Free Forever.


What makes it stand out: Need a quick place to collaborate with your team? Basecamp is easy to set up and get going. For large teams with various roles and permissions, Basecamp can be trickier to use, but it remains a great choice for small teams.

G2 Rating — 4.1 out of 5

"Basecamp is a solid tool if you need a quick place to collaborate with peers. The message board and document exchange features work well for simple tasks. The solution overall is easy to deploy and setup." Ryan C., VP of Strategy and Innovation

Price — $99 per month for unlimited projects and unlimited users.

What makes it stand out: Monday is an open source platform that allows users to create their own apps to customize tools to run their business. It’s intuitive and visual which increases its ease of use.

G2 Rating - 4.6 out of 5

“The layout allows me to manage my own projects at-a-glance while collaborating with my team to ensure a smooth work process. I really love the customization of the tabs and the three board categories. I'm able to organize my content calendar, ongoing team projects and make a grocery list to share with my significant other all within this tool.” Bethany R, Content Creator

Price - Four pricing levels starting at $8/seat per month.


What makes it stand out: Lots of free features built into the free version and basic functionality that is easy to learn. This software is widely used and easy to incorporate with teams inside and outside of your organization. Multiple visualizations are available for the data so each user can customize their view (list or Kanban board).

G2 Rating - 4.3 out of 5

“Asana is super easy to use with flexible features built into their free version. I use Asana to manage not only projects, but keep track of important information, programs I've purchased, etc.” Wendy B, Marketing and Sales Operations Consultant

Pricing - Asana Basic is free and paid seats with more functionality start at $10.99/month



What makes it stand out: Highly complex and an all-in-one collaborative work management system focusing on enterprise-grade solutions. Its versatility and security make it popular with large organizations but beware of the steep learning curve.

G2 Rating - 4.2 out of 5

“The possibility to manage your own projects and share progress with your team. Also assign tasks to manage collaboration between your team and also with others that might help you complete the task or project.” Gabriel N, CIO

Pricing - starts at $9.80/seat per month


What makes it stand out: Trello is based on a simple Kanban idea, which makes it intuitive and easy to set up. It’s basically a set of task lists that move along to where they are in the project process (To do, Doing, Done). Some teams may find that particular style limiting for some complex projects with many moving parts and partners.

G2 Rating - 4.4 out of 5

“I like the insane amount of add-ons that are available. Between them and the super flexible API, you can utilize Trello for basically any use case. Trello was my foot in the door with automation, and it makes tapping into this powerful aspect of SaaS more accessible than ever.” Christopher J, CEO

Pricing - free forever user account or $9.99/seat per month business account


What makes it stand out: Airtable uses a table view, much like a spreadsheet, to enable teams to define relationships between items and tasks and build views tailored for their type of work. [Disclaimer - Image Relay's product team uses Airtable.]

G2 Rating - 4.6 out of 5

“I like that Airtable is intuitive, easy to edit, easy to export to CSV. It is a great platform for my own departmental projects and for inter-department communication. I like color coding, sorting fields, ease of creating new lines and items, flexibility of different fields (like you can have text, date, complete, priority, assign tasks, or whatever you think is relevant).” Mackenzie J, Product Development Manager

Pricing - Free account available with limitations, other plans upwards of $20/seat per month.


What makes it stand out: Connects strategy to delivery and allows for a lot of surface level customizations on projects. Frequent updates keep the software fresh but some complain about the product being glitchy or confusing.

G2 Rating - 4.1 out of 5

“Everything for a project lives in one place. Gone are the days of reply all emails and digging through your inbox to find details and attachments. It's great for referring to previous projects when copying a project or seeing what creative we used in the past for an ad or an email digital graphic. The reporting functionality is also super useful. I also love the New Experience! Great streamlined functionality.” Yvette J, Marketing Project Manager

Pricing - 4 pricing tiers available, contact them for prices.


What makes it stand out: A newer software with an easy to use and clean user interface but somewhat limited on features, for now. Updates happen frequently to improve functionality.

G2 Rating - 4.7 out of 5

“It's easy to use and the UI is not messy, which helps me deliver my projects on time as I work on them in the app. I like that I can get feedback from all the team members and missing deadlines is rare while using this software, as it keeps everyone notified on time.” Leah W, Project Manager

Pricing - Starting at $49.00/month for up to 10 users


What makes it stand out: Purposely built for marketing and advertising departments but the user interface takes some time to learn and the design is not as elegant as other options.

G2 Rating - 3.6 out of 5

“With Workamajig, the features that I really enjoyed and utilized the most were project review, billing, and the reporting metrics (KPI). With a client roster of 10+ clients, WMJ was an absolute necessity to stay organized with the amount of overlap with project coordination, media trafficking instructions and mass client billing.” Keyaira J, Senior Account Manager

Pricing - contact for pricing tiers


What makes it stand out: A built in proofing system makes keeping track of rounds of edits easy.

G2 Rating - 4.6 out of 5

“There's so much to love! I love the ease and functionality of adding projects, creating multiple project streams, duplicating task details and timelines with a few simple clicks. I also thoroughly enjoy being able to easily change the project view, depending on what I need for any given project. Time tracking, being able to see project scopes, projected timelines, and completed timelines, and so much more. And it is by far the most affordable project management system I've used for everything I get!” Crystal M, Director of Marketing

Pricing - $12/user per month

This list covers many of the most popular and effective project management tools available. There are others, including some free options and some more complex enterprise solutions. For most teams, one of the tools above will likely fit your work style and budget.


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