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How to Create a Folder Structure - A Step-by-Step Guide

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The Basics of Information Architecture

Understanding User Mapping in Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Image Database Software - How to Choose the Right One

The Importance of Business Archives

Background Images For Your Zoom Calls

What Do I Do Now?

A Day in The Life of an Image Relay Librarian

How Digital Asset Management Helps Remote Work

Our Top Resources for Working from Home

Remote Work - Three Weeks in Oaxaca

Digital Asset Management (DAM) v. Content Management System (CMS)

Digital Asset Management (DAM) v. Web Content Management (WCM)

Digital Asset Management (DAM) v. Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

7 Myths About Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Stages of Digital Asset Management Evolution

Recommitting to Values - Image Relay’s Core Values Workshop

Digital Asset Management (DAM) Manager Job Description

When Do You Need a Dedicated DAM Manager?

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Some of Our Favorite Rebrands of 2019

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Choosing a Digital Asset Management System: SaaS, Hybrid, or Hosted?

Software Companies Should Say No

Image Relay Ranks High in G2's Fall 2019 Digital Asset Management Reports

Case Study: Luxury Perfumer Miller Harris "Simplifies Life" with Image Relay

Getting Started with Digital Asset Management (DAM): Meeting and Measuring Your Goals

What is the Difference Between Digital Asset Management (DAM) Media Asset Management (MAM)?

Google Drive v. Digital Asset Management - What’s the Difference?

Getting Started with Digital Asset Management (DAM): How to Set Goals

Getting Started with Digital Asset Management (DAM): Managing User Access with Permissions

Getting Started with Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software: File Naming Best Practices

Digital Asset Management Vendors - Selection Guide

G2 Digital Asset Management: Image Relay is G2's Highest-Rated Digital Asset Management Platform

Getting Started with Digital Asset Management (DAM): Metadata Part 2

Getting Started with Digital Asset Management (DAM): Metadata Part 1

Online Files Sharing - Building the Best DAM Solution

Getting Started with a Digital Asset Management (DAM) Platform: Best Practices for File Types

How to Manage a Rebrand: Staying Focused, Keeping Organized

Why Online Photo Storage Software is Not the Same as Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software

5 Reasons Why the CMO Needs Digital Asset Management for Marketing Digital Transformation

Getting Started with Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software: Mapping Your Organization’s Content

Case Study: Dietz & Watson Uses Image Relay to Provide a Consistent Brand Experience

Champlain College Relies on Image Relay for Community-Wide Access to Marketing and Editorial Photography as well as Identity and Brand Assets

Case Study: How Cosmetics Brand jane iredale Shares Content to Partners in More Than 45 Countries

Case Study: Phone2Action Empowers Teams with Image Relay

Case Study: Ben & Jerry's Relies on Image Relay to Meet Global Distribution Needs

Image Relay Recognized as Top Software Company and Fastest Growing Product by G2 Crowd

How to Treat a File Migration Like Moving to a New Home

Switching to Image Relay from SmartImage

Image Relay Now Integrates With More Than 1,000 Other Products

Business Continuity and Digital Asset Management

Who Uses Digital Asset Management

Our Stuff v. My Stuff: Brand-Driven or Personal Control?

Image Relay Ranked as the #3 Small Software Company

How to Measure the ROI of Digital Asset Management

The True Cost of Employee Turnover - 4 Things to Know

What is Digital Asset Management? What does it all mean?

New Features to Help Your Team

How to Use Image Relay Collections

Who relies on Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

Versioning in Asset Management

Great Migrations: Moving to a new DAM

Horror in the Absence of DAM

Metadata In Digital Asset Management Demystified

File Naming Convention | Beyond Who, What, Where, When, Why

Digital Asset Management | It's About Time

Controlled Vocabulary: A Best Practice for DAM

The Value of DAM

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