There are many inherent values in deploying a digital asset management (DAM) system; security, organization, syncing distributed teams, omni-channel distribution of brand assets, centralization of brand assets, ability for press and staff to self-serve thus reducing file requests, and so on.

However, the most common pain point addressed is allowing users to quickly locate and share specific digital assets; whether that is a company logo or product images for a press release. The VP should not have to ask the director, who then asks the marketing manager to find a specific file to be added to a Powerpoint (who then calls the IT department). This process is a distraction, wastes everyone’s time, and costs organizations money.

It is always instructive to look at the raw numbers. Do you know the average number of searches carried out by creatives without a DAM plan before they find the images they need? What do you think costs more, a satellite mission to Pluto or the New England Patriots football payroll? (And yes, that recent AFC loss still stings…) What about average wait times in different scenarios? The infographic below describes some of these sobering numbers.

Take action and implement digital asset management. It’s about time and money, and DAM helps you save both.

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